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Terms of Endearment

We love it when consumers get trained to believe something because it is thrown at them enough times.  For example, take a look at the holy trinity of terms consumers love, “organic”, “all natural”, and “anti-aging”.

According to a Nielsen's 2015 Creativity of Beauty study, more than 1,000 adults were asked what label claims they are willing to pay more for when buying skin care products.  The highest ranking qualification at 46% is the term All Natural.

We were flabbergasted!  All Natural means exactly NOTHING!  But, the average person has been trained to believe it is meaningful.  All Natural can be slapped on to anything and all of a sudden that product is more loveable. 


This, BTW, is an example of All Natural.

You, dear educated and concerned consumer, want the best for your dollar. As such, you need to know which claims are regulated and which are just marketing.

            Be thoughtful and be aware.

  1. “Natural” means nothing and cannot be regulated
  2. “Organic” is regulated to some extent but not conclusively, i.e. a product with a certain (low) percentage of organic ingredients can state that it is organic.
  3. “Anti-aging/anti- wrinkle“ claims are getting a lot of attention from the FDA, they are cracking down on false promises.
  4. “Hypoallergenic” is somewhat regulated, a product making this claim can still cause an allergic reaction, but there is less risk.

Here is the complete Nielson study list showing in declining importance what the average consumer considers important when buying skin care.  How do you weigh in on these criteria?  Which are endearing to you?

All natural 46%

Contains SPF 44%

Anti-aging/anti- wrinkle 44%

Skin firming/ lifting 44%

Not tested on animals 43%

No animal testing, whew!

Sensitive skin/hypoallergenic  43%

Evens skin tone 43%

Contains no animal products 42%

Eliminates dark spots 42%

Non-comedogenic 41%

Anti-acne 37%

Organic 37%

Skin brightening/luminosity 36%

Contains cocoa/shea/aloe 34%

Contains retinol 31%

Perfume free 29%

Sulfate free 29%

No parabens 29%

PABA-free 29%


Following the guidelines of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Don’t Call Me Ma’am products are safe for your skin and safe for the environment.





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