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Scoring a Touchdown

It's Football Season!

Imagine the nip of cool weather bringing out the gold and red in the leaves, a last hurrah of color before they disengage to drift down and decompose back into the earth... 

Scores of enthusiastic fans hurry along the paths below the trees lustily proclaiming the assured win of their favorite team. How fun to share in the camaraderie of group enthusiasm, the thrill of a touchdown, the earnest discussions of so-and-so’s technique, the wisdom or idiocy of the coaches call.  You are one thread in the fabric of this sports enthusiast society, you score a personal touchdown by showing up and participating.

What are other ways to score a personal touchdown?

You as a consumer can play an active role (a thread in the fabric of consumer society) in what is brought to market.  You have influence!  For example, think about the products that you put on your face and body.  Are you taking care of your skin by buying the best possible product?  How about making a commitment to reading labels before you buy something that is hyped by million dollar marketing? A quality skin care product doesn’t need to cost ridiculous amounts of money.  A quality skin care product needs to have safe and effective ingredients which are good for your skin and good for the environment.


Interested in hearing more about influencing the market?  Look for future blogs on this topic.

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