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People throw around the word “best” like it is meaningful when, in fact, the meaningful-ness is useful only insofar as you trust the source of the opinion of “best”.



Many different qualities determine the status of an item.


So, why is it that people type in best new car, best tricycle, best anti-aging night cream or best cupcake store into their search engines?

We referred to the phenomenon of influencing the market in an earlier blog and this is a perfect example of it. The more reviews that say “this is the best…”, the greater are the chances that someone else will try that product.

Let’s say you are searching for the best anti- aging night cream, (which apparently according to Google, many people do)...

Do you really believe a best night cream or best anti-aging cream or, for that matter a best anything exists?

We know guidance is helpful, but rather than asking an impossible question, how about fine tuning your question a little.
We think that the word best is a little silly, really, especially when a company is describing its products. Who wouldn’t claim to be the best? Isn’t it honestly just a matter of opinion? Particularly in the case of skin care, there cannot be a “best” because depending on your skin type, some products suit your needs better than others. Don’t Call Me Ma’am has two proprietary anti-inflammatory blends and specifically targets women who have sensitive skin which is prone to inflammation.


We suggest fine tuning searches to better address your particular skin condition.

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