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More Than a Ma'am

Public opinion fell on both sides of the fence about Senator Barbara Boxer’s request to Brigadier General Michael Walsh that he refer to her by ‘Senator’ instead of ‘ma’am’. 
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‘The thing is, I worked so hard to get that title,’ Senator Boxer said. ‘So I would appreciate it.’ And we appreciate that she spoke up.

Of course it’s not every woman’s style to call someone out when she’s called ‘Ma’am.’ And there are some women who may not even have reason to call anyone out—because it’s a name they never get called. (Lucky ladies!)

But whether you are speaking out against ma’am or just living your life in ways that defy what the word ‘ma’am’ represents (“think” the belief that age should define who you are and what you do) we think that deserves a hearty round of internet applause.

And so we are going to feature a ‘More Than A Ma’am’ series, where we will highlight women who—each and every day—prove that ‘ma’am’ is an outdated and unnecessary term of non-endearment.

If there’s a woman you would think we should feature in this space, we would love to hear from you. (And don’t be too shy to toot your own horn!) Send us a message today: [email protected]

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