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Remember When No One Read Labels?

Remember When No One Read Labels?

Remember the days when NO ONE looked at labels?  Seriously, who bothered with the microscopic list of unintelligible items covering the entire back of a product box or package?  The thinking was, “if this is on the shelf in the grocery store (or drug store or department store) someone has done the research and it must be safe because, well, just because.” 

Actually, we probably didn’t think much about it at all.  Fast forward to 2015…

If you are reading this, you have joined the growing ranks of educated consumers who are demanding that the products they consume and use are safe and effective.

That might sound ridiculously obvious however hoards of people blithely buy any product off the shelf based on name recognition or price.  These consumers don’t question ingredients. 

Back to you, the people with inquiring minds, keep reading labels and asking questions.  There is no reason or excuse for having toxic ingredients in skin care today; the technology and expertise exists to create safe and effective formulas without risk of harm to one’s health or to the environment.

The beauty industry today is fighting the legacy of the 1950’s and 60’s when petroleum based ingredients were introduced to chemists making skin care.  Remember when chemicals were all the rage?  Everyone thought chemicals would save the world!  Whether in food, body care, agriculture or cleaning products, chemicals ruled. 

Unfortunately all chemicals didn’t pan out like everyone hoped.  Wildlife died and waterways became toxic with chemical ooze.  We ate food products with little nutritional value; products with a scary and eerie ingredient list only people with a PhD in food science could decipher.

Skin care and cosmetics were laden with petroleum based chemicals, and were artificially colored and scented.  Many of these would later prove bad.  

You are a thoughtful consumer so choose an equally thoughtful skin care company which is paying attention to the quality and safety of ingredients! 

When Don’t Call Me Ma’am started, we turned to people on the cutting edge of the conversation about toxic ingredients, the folks at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Whole Foods and Puget Consumers Coop.  

In response to a groundswell of consumers demanding better formulas, a new class of companies has emerged which scrutinize and evaluate everything that goes in a cream or lotion on the basis of potential risk and efficacy. 

Yay! This is societal pressure at work for the benefit of all! 


If you have an inquiring mind but not a lot of time to investigate, rest assured because we’ve done the research so you don’t have to. 

What is YOUR comfort level when it comes to ingredients?

Read next post for examples of potentially toxic ingredients.  


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