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Aren't you sick of the beauty hype?

We were. Every time someone told us ‘turn back the hands of time’ we cringed. We wanted beauty built on confidence, not doubt. We wanted products we could believe in—products that were made for real women with real ingredients we could actually understand.

And so we decided to take our skin care into our own hands. ‘Don’t Call Me Ma’am’ skin care was created for women who are like us—women who exercise their modern-day right to live every day to fullest, no fear required. We want products that reflect our lifestyle and our interests which, first and foremost, is protecting the Earth. And so we strive everyday to leave zero carbon foot (or stiletto) prints in our wake.   

Where others hide behind gimmicks, Don't Call Me Ma’am chooses authenticity. Where others want you to worry, Don’t Call Me Ma’am wants you to celebrate. Where others want you to fear aging, Don't Call Me Ma’am wants you to decide for yourself how many candles go on your cake.

You are as young as you believe yourself to be—we truly believe that. And we hope our products give you a lifetime of beauty and confidence.  

- Kathleen & Ilene

Kathleen: I am an unlikely entrepreneur and I bring my noisy dog Nala to the office with me.  I am happily married with three grown children out of the house, I love being with my friends and family.  I work most days and during other hours of the day I read, cook, do yoga, walk the dog, play cello and occasionally get sucked into a great TV series.  I am part of a movement to celebrate my life and my own beauty without needing to conform to ridiculous standards of photo shopped beauty depicted on current media.  I’m tired of the terrible messaging about age and beauty so that is why I’m part of this movement and company to change the message.  In the meantime, I take care of my skin with products that are easy to purchase, simple to use and effective in helping me attain healthy beautiful skin.

Ilene: I am a mother to one daughter, stepmother to two more, businesswoman, entrepreneur, wife, daughter, sister, friend, niece, colleague, cook, cyclist, writer, reader, traveller, cat wrangler, dog walker, horse manager, homework helper and essay editor. I love to ride my bike, hike the beautiful forest of the Pacific Northwest and walk the sand of the local beaches. I enjoy good food, good wine, spending time with family and friends and it feels like there are never enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do.